Spirit works in magnificent ways.

I have always been interested in Spirit. I have always felt very intuitive and on point in regards to things that no one else really understood. I have seen mediums before and truly believe that the souls of our loved ones are always with us after a passing. 

I recently saw Theresa Caputo The Live Experience twice. Once at Mohegan Sun in CT and the second at The Warner Theater, also in CT. At both shows, I didn’t hear from loved ones directly, but I got very clear messages through other souls. 

Since seeing both those shows, I have been thinking about Spirit more frequently. I started reading There’s More to Life Than This by Theresa Caputo. She teaches how to be more in touch with your inner workings of your mind so that you have a better chance of connecting with Spirit, and more specifically, your loved ones that have passed on. I have been getting signs from Spirit from the first death I experienced when I was seven. I would notice little things or have gut instincts that connected with that particular soul lost. This continued after the loss of my grandfather at 15 and the loss of my best friend and other half at the age of 16. It was after the loss of my best friend I started getting more signs, but not as many as I wanted.

I would sit in my head and literally beg her to send me a sign that she was still here. I guess I was being too aggressive and she knew it! She always kept me in check and still is from the other side. Well, after a few dreams and intuitive feelings that I saw as signs from her, I was still slightly disappointed that I didn’t hear from her more.

This August, on the 6th anniversary of her passing, I went to the crash site with our good friend Leanne. We were getting ready to leave and a man pulls over on the side of a really busy street, walks over to us and hands us necklaces of the Mother Mary and a Cross, holds our hands for a prayer and literally just leaves. This all took place in probably the course of two minutes. Afterwards, we just looked at each other and cried. We knew it was our best friend saying, “wait, I’m here, I promise!” The thing is, we weren’t looking for anything specific like that. We weren’t looking for her to give us a sign. We were just two friends, sitting and chatting about all of the great memories we had. That’s when she showed up. I think that Spirit likes to step forward and show their graces when you need it first of all but more importantly, when you are experiencing fond memories of them and appreciating the life they had. I believe this is how Spirit wants us to remember them, also reaffirmed through listening to Theresa Caputo speak, so when we are in that moment, they want to enjoy it with us.

That was a little side track, but I felt it was too much of an impact in my life to leave out. 

In her new book, Theresa says, “Coincidence is another gift from Spirit. I like to think of it as a wink from the Other Side that they’re aware of our desires and doing their best to help and support us (97)”.

About an hour ago, I posted a picture to Instagram (@adaniels1007) of some new incense I was burning. My cousin, who lives quite a distance away, commented on the picture that her sister (my cousin who passed when I was seven) would always burn incense. In this picture I posted, Emily’s framed photograph is literally right next to my incense burner. I don’t know why they are on the table together. It is not normally where I keep my incense burner but tonight, that’s where it happened to be. 

I feel like I have less a connection with Emily than I do with my grandfather or best friend, Alyssa, because I was so young when she passed. She lived long distance and I never really was able to have a deep connection with her. She still was the big sister I never had and I always looked up to her. Her loss was devastating to me. I never had any closure because I was so young and never had the chance to grieve. I still think about her all the time but sometimes I wonder if she remembers me. All of the recent connection I have had in seeing others work with Spirit and feeling Alyssa around me, I know that she remembers me, I guess I just needed to feel it to reassure myself. And she knew that. That’s why she came forward through her sister in the most beautiful way possible.

This is what I experienced today that is still giving me chills. This experience brought me to tears because it was so unexpected and so needed and for that I am grateful.

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