Something quick but very important.

60 MINUTES PRESENTS: NOWHERE TO GO-Mentally Ill Youth in Crisis. . . Please take the time to watch or read. This is a real issue in our healthcare system today that needs to be addressed immediately. Thank you for taking the time to look at this. I can’t push enough how important this issue is. I could literally talk about it for days at a time and have so many ideas and ways to improve the system. On a personal note, when I needed mental health and was sent to a facility to get some intense care, I was the only one there for anxiety and depression. Everyone else was there for detox from drugs and/or alcohol. Most mental health facilities, especially in my home state of CT, have been changed to “behavioral units” and the focus is more on detox rather than mental health. The programs and everything about the way the program is run takes detox into consideration first and foremost as the primary focus. If there is not place for someone to get help, how can we expect a change? Your thoughts are very much appreciated on this topic!

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