Loss can bring us new and wonderful things.

By letting little pieces of ourselves die off, we can allow room for growth and movement forward to adapt and change to better ways and traits. This is a new way to look at death and loss. We experience loss on a daily basis, whether it be a friendship ending or something simple as loosing a five dollar bill. Each loss can be looked at in a positive light and used to our advantage, believe it or not, with the right attitude. Nat’s February 2014 numerology reading this month is beyond fabulous and enlightening. What a great start to the month! This month will be full of learning and experiencing the world from new perspectives. Please take a few minutes to hear what she has to say about it.

If you are interested in more things that Nat has to say or are ready to learn more about yourself, please check out her Facebook page!

(I am not being endorsed in any way for this post, I just truly believe and am inspired by Nat’s Numerology and believe her insight deserves to be shared so we can all benefit from it.)

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