Beautiful Scars

Cleaning out my room today I came across this beautiful poem written for/about me by a beautiful person who used to be in my life. We have gone our separate ways but I will always be grateful for our friendship and all we learned from each other. I know I am truly blessed to have come across this at this particular moment. It was much needed, so thank you.

When you look at her, tell me what you see

A fragile girl adorned in beauty

You lose yourself as you stare in awe

Not a single sign of a mere blemish or flaw

Look inside her, that’s when you’ll find

That this innocent girl is one of a kind

Her past has left scars that she wears

With strength to carry the burdens she bears

Pushing through struggles and recovering from losses

She keeps her head up no matter what the cost it

Reaching out to those who want and need

You’d never know that her wounds still bleed

It takes more strength than a thousand men

To survive what she’s gone through within

And with such grace and determination

She gives the world hope everywhere she’s been.


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